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How To Refill Your Nevé Candle

Step 1 | Fill your sink with warm tap water, place the jar in and make sure the water line is above the wax level outside the jar. Soak until wax is soft (around 5 minutes).

Step 2 | Use a paper towel to gently remove the wax and metal wick holder from the bottom of the jar. Take care not to scratch the paint as this chips easily.

Step 3 | Once the wax is removed, remove any final residue using warm soapy water and another paper towel to gently wipe.

Step 4 | Dry jar and inspect for any hairline cracks or chips. If found, do not refill and instead place your jar into glass recycling.

Step 5 | Peel off the sticker from the bottom of your refill and press firmly onto the bottom of the jar.

Light and enjoy!

Candle Refill

Important Information

  • Don’t heat in microwave to melt wax, there is a metal wick holder which cannot be microwaved
  • Don’t pour melted wax down your sink as it will build up in your drain pipes
  • Don’t light your refill without putting it in the empty glass jar first
  • Don’t skip the wick sticking step otherwise your wick will float off the bottom when the wax melts
  • Don’t use if you discover any chips, cracks or internal paint flaking off for safety reasons
  • Don’t refill your jar more than two times due to increased risk of breakage and glass fatigue
Packaging Starch

What are these packing peanuts made of and how do I dispose of them?
Our biodegradable packing peanuts are made from cornstarch and can be disposed of by dissolving them in warm water. Within 15 minutes, they should be completely dissolved.

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