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We’re thrilled to launch our At Home With journal series with Leah de Friez and Leese Rogers, self-confessed candle aficionados and part of the Bayleys Canterbury team. In this edition we explore the importance of incorporating fragrance into your home and the benefits home fragrance can have in enhancing your space, as well as diving deeper into our partnership.

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We’d love to learn more about how the idea of a partnership with Nevé came to fruition. How did it come about? 

The partnership happened really organically, with our Marketing Manager stumbling across Nevé candles at a dinner party. She was really impressed by what she saw, and it just so happened that we were also in need of a candle for our gift store! She pitched it to us and after a few conversations between the team, we decided to approach Nevé. 

“Over 90% of our gift store products are New Zealand made, and it’s really important for us to keep things as local as possible” says Leese. “The Bayleys Canterbury team are also just a stone’s throw away from the Nevé HQ, so the added convenience of having a local brand so close by was the icing on the cake”.

What started out as a need to find a signature fragrance which the Bayleys Canterbury team could gift to their clients, has developed into an amazing partnership - with the team also using their own personalised signature Nevé candles and room sprays at their open homes to create the right ambience.

Brand consistency and offering a sense of exclusivity for their clients is a huge focus for the Bayleys team and there are many perks to having your own signature fragrance. 

“Candles can be left with the owner and room sprays allow us to take them on-the-go when we go to open homes or visit clients.” Leah de Friez mentions. 

But it’s just not their clients who get to enjoy the luxury of a Nevé candle; the wider Bayleys Canterbury offices also now revel in the Nevé x Bayleys signature fragrance. “I manage many different offices in Christchurch and this signature scent is the first thing you’ll notice when you walk through the doors” says Leah.

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How does home fragrance contribute to the overall experience during an open home, and what should one look for when choosing one to go for?

Leah says “It's essential to the first impression of any home. Fragrance always reminds you of something, and conjures up memories (both good and bad) - which can make or break a potential home-buyer’s experience. 

When selecting a fragrance, you should opt for something neutral and non-offensive. Having time to prepare is also important. You should have a good lead in time prior to the open home to harness the effects of home fragrance. There’s no point burning a candle two minutes before it’s meant to start! Thankfully we always have one of our Nevé Room Sprays on hand for when we’re a little short on time.” 

Are there particular fragrances you should avoid when preparing for an open home, and what is the best way to incorporate scent when presenting the home?

“Selling a house can be stressful, so creating an oasis of calm is essential. Scent is just as important as how a property is presented and is a big part of the overall feel. Even when we present vacant homes, we love to include a scent otherwise it doesn’t quite feel like a ‘home’.

It’s best to avoid anything too heady or sweet” Leah notes. “Any fragrances should be fresh and widely appealing”. 

While one fragrance may be loved by one, it may have the opposite effect on another.

“If you have a big space, it is worth investing in more than one candle or room spray as it offers consistency across the entire home. You don’t want to walk into one room and be overwhelmed by a scent, then walk into another room and there’s no scent at all. The fragrance should be noticeable, but subtle. Along with candles we’d always suggest you also get flowers. Not just because they look pretty but again, it ties in with the scent and sophistication”. 

Have you got any personal fragrance tips or tricks to share with us?

“As a self-confessed candle addict, I have them everywhere! I’m also guilty of buying a fragrance I love over and over again - but my advice would be to alternate between scents”. Leah says. “Find two or three scents that you like and alternate between them, so you’ll still enjoy the candle and be able to smell it - as sometimes once you get used to a scent you no longer notice it.

 Avoid reading the fragrance notes on the label! Being open to exploring new scents means you might find a new favourite that you didn't expect. By using different fragrances you have the power to change a mood, calm or invigorate, and create memories”.

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And finally - what are some of your best key styling tips to consider when getting ready for an open home?

“You always want to start with a blank canvas and fresh eyes”. shares Leah. “Clear away any clutter, and remove all items from any surfaces - be that bench tops, shelves, or the mantlepiece. It can sometimes take a few attempts to get it right, so why not pour yourself a glass of wine and get creative!

Using a combination of lamps, vases, and sculptural art alongside floral arrangements, candles, coffee table books, trays and smaller interesting decorative items create interest with varying height, weight and texture.

Grouping the items in a cohesive way can sometimes be a little tricky - think about using items that talk to each other through texture and shape. Smaller items can be made more impactful by placing them on stacked books or trays.

Less is usually more when it comes to styling a room. Have fun experimenting to create a new and exciting vibe”.

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