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As the days grow shorter and the icy chill settles in, winter offers the perfect opportunity to indulge in the familiar comforts of home and to celebrate the popular Danish sentiment of hygge (pronounced "hoo-ga") - the art of finding joy and contentment in simple, cosy moments.

With Denmark being well known for its long, dark winters, hygge is a concept deeply rooted in the Danish culture. It's all about creating warm and inviting spaces within the home - embracing the little things that bring comfort, such as snuggly blankets, flickering candlelight, and heartwarming conversations over a cup of hot chocolate (or glass of red wine if you prefer).

Lady reading magazine with a candle burning beside her

Perhaps our favourite way to embrace hygge and enhance the ambiance in your home, is scented candles. In this blog post, we explore the use of scented candles to infuse your space with inviting fragrances, bringing warmth and comfort during the winter months.

Capturing the Essence of Winter

Scented candles have the incredible ability to evoke emotions and transport us to different settings. During the winter, scents such as our French Pear + Brown Sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, pine, and spiced apple can instantly conjure up the enchanting atmosphere of a winter wonderland. The gentle flickering and crackling of a wood wick flame, combined with these fragrances can make your home feel like an inviting oasis from the cold, transforming even the dreariest winter day into a magical experience.

Living room with candles burning

Setting the Stage for Relaxation

Winter is the perfect time to embrace relaxation and self-care. Scented candles can play a vital role in creating a soothing and tranquil environment. Choose floral scents like Pink Peony + Prosecco, lavender, chamomile, or sandalwood, known for their calming properties, to unwind after a long day. Light a candle, find a comfortable spot, and immerse yourself, while you curl up with a book or indulge in a pampering bath. The soft, warm glow of the candlelight will enhance the serene atmosphere, your sense of peace and relaxation.


Entertaining with Elegance

The colder months can often feel like they drag on forever, with not a whole lot to look forward to... Hygge also prioritises spending quality time with loved ones, so embrace these long nights in, hosting a dinner party or inviting friends over for a movie night. Scented candles will elevate the ambiance and make your guests feel extra special. Opt for scents that are decadent and opulent, like our Winter Limited Edition - First Chapter (release date 25 June) to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that will instantly put everyone at ease. The soft glow and alluring aroma will set the stage for memorable moments and create a welcoming environment for your guests.

Candle next to book

Combating the Winter Blues

The winter season can sometimes leave us feeling a little down due to shorter days and colder weather. Scented candles can be a powerful tool to combat the winter blues. Fresh scents like Kowhai Blossom + Lime, lemon, grapefruit, or bergamot can help uplift your mood and bring a burst of energy on gloomy days. Pairing these scents with natural daylight or soft lighting can create a cheerful atmosphere and provide a much-needed boost during the colder months. 

Winter is a season to embrace the comfort and warmth of our homes. So, why not embrace the magic of hygge with your favourite scented candles and transform your space into a haven of warmth and cosiness. Light a candle, be enveloped in the fragrance, and let the enchantment of winter unfold before you.

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